April 2019 – Hope for Healing

Neuroversion’s Dr. Luke Liu and our very own Dr. McAnally were recently honored to participate in the Hope Community Resources’ TBI Treatments and Behavioral Health Conferenceat the end of March.  Thismultidisciplinary conference was convened to help both providers and affected individuals learn about different assessment and treatment methods that may support people who have experienced traumatic brain injuries.

Some of the course content included sessions on behavioral health modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) for those suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder. Many other sessions focused on psychosocial strategies to help improve quality-of-life for people suffering from TBI; Dr. Liu and Dr. McAnally spoke on topics pertinent to pain management in TBI, headaches and chronic pain in general. Many thanks to Dr. Andrea Trescot, and to Ms. Annette Alfonsi, who coordinated the entire event.

Brain Injuries, PTSD

Hope Community Resources(HCR) is anon-profit organization that provides community supports to Alaskan individuals and families who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury and mental health challenges. Using an individualized approach unique to every situation, HCR can help with navigating the complicated maze of accessing other disability services and supports including behavioral/mental health, and also housing and employment support.  This organization has been serving Alaska for over half a century now since its humble and courageous beginnings in 1967, in Circle. (See Mrs. Nancy Stuart Johnson’s story for an inspiring example of how true leaders have shaped our great state.)  HCR has continued to bless many of our fellow citizens as Alaska has both grown and continued to experience challenges such as the recent recession and 30 Nov 2018 earthquake; please consider blessing them by sharing your time/advocacy and resources as they look forward to serving the needs of our community for another 50 years.