April 2018: New VALERAS Preoperative Optimization Program

Last month we were kindly invited by the Alaska Academy of Family Practice to introduce our new VALERAS preoperative optimization program at their 20th annual Winter Update. VALERAS (taken from the Latin for “Strong and Well”) is a cooperative venture between NAPM and Mind Matters Research, LLC, with a little help from our friends at…

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October 2017 – Dr. McAnally’s New Book on Opioid Dependence

Opioid Dependence, By Dr. Heath McAnally

We are excited to announce the publication of Dr. McAnally’s new textbook on reducing opioid dependence.  The book presents what is currently the most in-depth pharmacologic review of these powerful and dangerous medications, and a comprehensive overview of current evidence and guidance for their judicious prescription within a balanced approach to pain management.  The material…

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July 2017 Update – What does House Bill 159 mean?

This month we’re devoting the news column to a question we’ve heard a lot about these past two months – what does House Bill 159 mean?  While attempting to maintain neutrality on the subject to the extent possible in this column, and just relay the facts as they have been signed into law this month, we…

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June 2017 Update – New Staff at NAPM

Welcome Briana and Becca!  You will see two new young faces at NAPM this summer helping out at the front desk and also on the clinic and procedure side.  We think they are simply wonderful, not only because of their fine hearts and work, but also because they are some of our children! We have decided to…

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May 2017 Update – Freedom from Dependence upon Narcotics.

This month we were blessed to receive word from three young women in their 20s and 30s whom we have been privileged to work with to help achieve their goal of freedom from dependence upon narcotics – both prescription painkillers and heroin.  These courageous women (along with many other patients of ours) have each been sober/abstinent…

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New NAPM Website Unveiled!

Northern Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, LLC, Eagle River, Alaska

We are excited to unveil our new website, artfully and expertly created and maintained by Hatcher Designs. You’ll notice substantial improvements over the old website in terms of aesthetic, and hopefully inspiration. A few things we’d like to mention are some themes we’ve woven into the site; the first being the compass motif which has…

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