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March 2018: ASIPP Florida Presentation

Undermining Opioid Demand from Meghan Bartlett on Vimeo. Donna Nall, RHYI, CPT  (familiar to many of you as our Resume Course Director) and Dr. McAnally were recently featured at the 20th Annual American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians’ (ASIPP) meeting in Florida this month. As part of her keynote address on the role of ASIPP…

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February 2018: Happy 5th Birthday, NAPM!

In many ways it seems like just yesterday we left the operating room to open up clinic full-time in Eagle River. In other ways, it seems like a lifetime ago. This month we celebrate 5 years of service to South-central Alaska (and outlying regions from Barrow to Ketchikan, and Dutch Harbor to Eagle.) It wouldn’t…

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January 2018: Hope is the most important resolution.

JANUARY 2018 : Hope is the most important resolution.

A New Year for many people brings a sense of hopefulness and the potential for change; that’s why resolutions are often made at this time of year. (How many of those however fail within the first month? It’s such a well-known phenomenon that it’s been beat to death on TV comedies, movies, etc.) In 20…

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December – “The darkness cannot overcome The Light.”


The temperature is dropping, the light is fading, and for many of us our spirits are too.  It’s not easy living in the subarctic (or Arctic, for some of you) in December. Cold doesn’t help our pains for the most part, and whether we recognize or admit it, seasonal affective disorder – which affects at…

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November 2017 – “To Africa with Love”

“Mom, it’s Africa! It’s okay to put the suitcase down in the dirt”. One of our staff RN’s, Deanna Nelson, along with her daughter Paige, had the opportunity recently to be a part of a medical team that traveled to Kenya to hold free clinics for the underserved population there. Four church-sponsored clinics were held…

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October 2017 – Dr. McAnally’s New Book on Opioid Dependence

Opioid Dependence, By Dr. Heath McAnally

We are excited to announce the publication of Dr. McAnally’s new textbook on reducing opioid dependence.  The book presents what is currently the most in-depth pharmacologic review of these powerful and dangerous medications, and a comprehensive overview of current evidence and guidance for their judicious prescription within a balanced approach to pain management.  The material…

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August 2017 – Meditations on Transition

Nothing describes August better than transition.  The kids are back in school, the fish are done running (except for you lucky folks in Whittier), and… winter is on its way. Cycles are built into our universe from the celestial to the subatomic, and change is an inevitable fact of our existence.  Two things about the…

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July 2017 Update – What does House Bill 159 mean?

This month we’re devoting the news column to a question we’ve heard a lot about these past two months – what does House Bill 159 mean?  While attempting to maintain neutrality on the subject to the extent possible in this column, and just relay the facts as they have been signed into law this month, we…

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June 2017 Update – New Staff at NAPM

Welcome Briana and Becca!  You will see two new young faces at NAPM this summer helping out at the front desk and also on the clinic and procedure side.  We think they are simply wonderful, not only because of their fine hearts and work, but also because they are some of our children! We have decided to…

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