Probably like many of you sending kids off to college, it’s with a mixture of sadness, gratitude and excitement that we bid goodbye to two of our dear NAPM family this month.   These two individuals have contributed immensely to our Team and mission here, and will be sorely missed by us and no doubt by many of you too.  However, both have been called by God to new things, and we’re going to just briefly highlight them here…

Donna Nall, CPT, RHYI, who has served in many roles at NAPM over the past 4 years is best known to most of you as our Resume Course director the past two years.  This is a holistic pain management program she helped co-create with Dr. McAnally, and we know from personal testimony it’s helped bring healing of body, mind, heart and spirit to a number of people who have been willing to put in the hard work.

Donna has been developing a program comprising most of the core, foundational aspects of Resume Course with an even deeper spiritual component, called “Living and Moving” which she is devoting her extra-family efforts to full-time now up in Palmer.  We support her ongoing mission to facilitate the healing love of God through her work, and if you are in the Valley (or not) and wish to either participate in her program or support her, please contact us and we will put you in touch with her.


Daniel Remillard has been a huge part of our clinical teams the past two years, and a face familiar to almost all of our patients.  As our medical assistant (and information technology guru, cello maestro/worship team member, and comedian par excellence) he has brought laughter, encouragement, plenty of prayer, and good medical care to many of you.


Northern Anesthesia & Pain Medicine, LLC, Eagle River Alaska

Dan has been granted fulfillment of his lifelong dream to train as a physician, and is starting medical school this summer at the University of Washington, through the WWAMI program (which we also serve as a clinical training site for.)  The challenges ahead of him are immense, but we know his mettle and more importantly the God he loves and depends on, and we are grateful and honored to have played a small role in the development of this exceptional young man’s career and life.  We hope and trust that we’ll see him back here in Alaska in the future as Daniel Remillard, MD.