MAY 2018 – Thank you, UAA!

…for letting us use Eagle River campus classroom space to hold our Wednesday morning Foundation classes.

As many of you know, we started offering Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park’s Foundation beginner-level class to our patients free of charge a couple years ago on Wednesday mornings (not open to the general public, as our providers need to screen all participants medically.)  This nationally-renowned back strengthening program has helped countless people in our community and around the nation improve their core strength and balance, and reduce their back pain, and we are happy to have served as an affiliate for the Foundation program for the past few years.  [Addendum, June 2018 – Unfortunately Foundation has discontinued its affiliate program as of this week, meaning the book, etc. is not available through NAPM, but we will continue to hold classes on Wednesday mornings.]

Our participant numbers outgrew our small clinic space earlier this spring and we went to UAA’s Health and Human Services department with a request to consider allowing us to use their Eagle River classroom space when classes were not in session.  They graciously agreed, and we’d like to thank the University and especially the Eagle River campus administration for supporting this community service.