OCTOBER 2020 – Compass men’s residential treatment facility report

October 2020 – Compass

This month we were blessed to tour Set Free Alaska’s new Compass residential substance abuse rehabilitation center for men in Homer. This sixteen-bed facility opened on August 17, expanding the existing outpatient treatment center (closer to town center) opened earlier this year.

The Compass Program allows men to work in the house, cook meals, and conduct household chores just as individuals face in real life. It will also be the first in the state to accept men with children as part of the program.

We heard from a few of the residents (hailing from Anchorage and the Matsu Valley) who were courageous and willing enough to share some of their previous and present substance and legal problems, their desire to allow God to change their hearts and minds (and situations) and the unprecedented blessing that Compass – the personnel, program and the facility – has been in their lives. A common theme was one of gratitude and amazement for the respect and value placed upon each of them individually by the staff and the leadership (we toured the facility with the board of directors as part of the annual meeting.)

We pray that this good work continue unhindered and with increasingly powerful results in restoring men to sobriety, their families and societies, and to a greater purpose within the plan of the Savior.

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