September 2021 : COVID-19 Vaccination Update Part 2. What About Faith?


I recognize that many of you who remain unvaccinated struggle with the idea for reasons – ostensibly - having to do with faith.  And I am using that word in its broadest possible context.

Really, let’s face it - the only reason a person chooses not to be vaccinated has to do with concerns about their safety, with self-preservation. It boils down to that, and I do confess that for several months I was in that camp (justifying my previous non-vaccinated status by telling myself and others that since I had the wild-type infection, I had far better immunity than that conferred by artificial code (mRNA) for a single antigenic peptide (the spike protein.)  And in fact, my suspicion (based upon decades of expertise in the biological sciences) is turning out to be true.  However, the same data sources indicate that immunity is even better if vaccination is applied on top of needed infection.

But that’s neither here nor there; I am a person who tries to live by faith in Jesus Christ, and ultimately I became convicted among other things by that simple phrase that has become so passé: What would [He] do?

  • Take 5 minutes and ask God – with a completely open and submitted heart and mind - what it is He wants you to do about it.
  • Watch these two videos (and if you’re inclined, the rest on the platform) from Christian experts including Dr. Francis Collins (who heads the NIH) discussing matters of faith and vaccination.