Northern Anesthesia & Pain Medicine, LLC

Recovery Support

NAPM also provides medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol dependence, and who desire sobriety/freedom from addiction.   MAT is just one part of a comprehensive approach to successful recovery, and like the name states – it’s just “assistance.”  The real treatment lies in the psychosocial and spiritual efforts required to break the habits and compulsions, and the bondage that addiction imprisons people in.  We favor 12-step and faith-based recovery programs (such as Set Free Alaska, Four Directions, and Tutan) but work with several others locally as well.

Recovery Help

Rehabilitation and Withdrawal

Oftentimes drug and alcohol rehabilitation requires an initial period of detoxification.  The severity of withdrawal ranges from annoying to potentially lethal, and expert evaluation is required to direct either hospitalization or other monitored facility admission, or less intensive care plans.  Regardless of the scenario, medication is often prescribed to help lessen the symptoms, and in the case of buprenorphine (Suboxone®) MAT for opioid addiction, that form of treatment may begin almost as soon as withdrawal kicks in.  Acupuncture is often effective in helping to suppress both withdrawal and cravings.

Comprehensive Assessment

One of the first steps in the recovery process is a comprehensive assessment by a chemical dependency counselor at a rehabilitation program.  NAPM provides a partial assessment based upon the American Society of Addiction Medicine Criteria, focusing primarily on the biological and psychiatric side of things. To optimize treatment success however, a thorough exploration of vulnerabilities and relapse triggers, barriers to/facilitators of recovery in every unique situation needs to take place early on to help guide appropriate individual and group counseling.

Medication Assisted Treatment

With all of that in process, NAPM can help with providing acupuncture, buprenorphine (Suboxone® or Sublocade®) or naltrexone (Vivitrol®) MAT for opioid dependence, and Vivitrol® for alcohol dependence.  Other medications may be useful for both of these conditions as well.