Pain can be disorienting...

Let us help you find your way.

Trying to find your way out of chronic pain can be overwhelming...


Our ability to heal...


Our bodies’ ability to heal (sometimes with a little help) can usually overcome acute pain. But the longer pain lasts, the deeper the roots run, and the more complex it becomes - because we are human.  We're just beginning to re-discover what we knew a thousand years ago: what we perceive physically isn’t just physical.  Sometimes evidence-based medicine holds the key to pain relief. More often than not however, in chronic pain, it's not just the body that needs healing - it's usually the mind, heart, and spirit too.

Northern Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, LLC, Eagle River, Alaska

NAPM exists to help people find their way through the confusing wilderness of pain, and to encourage hope for a better life. 

We look forward to journeying with you.

“I just want to say how wonderful your practice is!  I have felt so blessed from the moment I walked in to your door.  Truly, you all are amazing… Your quality of care for your patients is a gift.  I felt so well taken care of and you were ALL looking out for me!”

- Sarah S., Wasilla

“I came to NAPM in a wheelchair and within 2 months I was able to do a 4 mile hike on remote Alaska tundra.” 

- Jane D., Eagle River

“My own experience and the actions of several very experienced physicians in the area leads me to the conclusion that he is providing an excellent and needed service.”

Fred D., Eagle River

"I'd like to thank all of you for the genuine care and persistent determination shown in your office! While dealing with this chronic pain for nearly 3 years, I have reached a hopeful state, thanks to all of your efforts!"

Martha W., Anchorage

“After several failed attempts at dealing with my back pain, I came across Dr. M.  His approach to treatment includes listening, understanding, compassion, and most importantly – Hope.  Very powerful medicine practiced by a really great guy.  Thank you so very much for your help.”

- Jim C., Chugiak

"Having worked with Dr. McAnally in the operating room and having been seen as his patient I can attest to his clinical excellence and compassion.  He takes time to fully explain your condition then reviews the options available to manage your pain.  From the minute you arrive and meet his caring staff you know you are in good hands.  Dr. McAnally and his team ‘have got your back’!” 

- Sheila J., Wasilla

“I praise God everyday for sending me to Dr. McAnally, not only did he troubleshoot the reasons for my pain, but he also sent me on the right path to help the problem areas.  I feel blessed to have him as my doctor. Thank you Dr. McAnally for giving me my life back!" 

– Karen V., Seward

“Northern Anesthesia and Pain Medicine has turned my life around.  Doctor McAnally has continually helped me with choices that have made my well-being become something I can actually enjoy…”

– Sean C., Chugiak

“I have been very impressed with the professional yet friendly atmosphere provided by Dr McAnally and his staff.  They have truly helped me through a personally difficult time and provided excellent care that has been successful.  I would count the Dr as a professional friend concerned with me as a person and working to help me in my medical issues.  The staff have helped with insurance as well and been wonderful to work with, in short the staff are awesome!” 

- Gary E. Eagle River

“…In my opinion, he has set the bar at what healthcare should feel like. I highly recommend Dr. McAnally and his team.” 

- Tammy T, Worcester, MA

“Great people doing great relief.”

- Larry C., Anchorage

 “Dr. McAnally and his staff are kind, compassionate, and professional.  They always go the extra mile for every patient.”  

- Christy S., Eagle River

“You have touched my heart and I will never forget it.” 

- Rebecca D., Eagle River

“Dr. McAnally was the first, (and last doctor I needed) in my seven year pain journey that really took me seriously.  He listened, ordered tests and got to the bottom of the problem.  I needed surgery, and he kept me as pain free as possible until that happened.  I moved out of state before my surgery, and he continued to work with me until I got situated.  I am forever grateful to Dr. McAnally and his team.”

- Kelly M., Forty Fort, Pennsylvania

"As a physician I have a liability being a patient; knowing all of the complications of procedures and the risks involved. As a long time Chief Medical Officer, I been responsible for patient safety and maintaining standards of care. Receiving care from Dr. McAnally and his staff was a fantastic experience. I received a comprehensive anatomy and physiology lesson which was very helpful, and was well cared for. Very very bright and compassionate physician, to say the least. I was so impressed with the staff that I will have trouble resisting attempting to recruit a few away. You really cannot go wrong being Dr. McAnally's patient. I recommend him highly. He really saved me from a miserable situation.” 

-Paul F., Longmont, CO

“Dr. McAnally listens intently to the information that you bring to your first appointment: your current symptoms, your exercise regimen, and your treatment history.  Dr. McAnally actually examines you!  Dr. McAnally orders more tests when they are necessary for a diagnosis, and he consults with other specialists as needed to determine the source of your pain…  I also have to acknowledge Dr. McAnally’s staff, all of whom are professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly.”

- Paulette M., Anchorage

"Skillful care for even the most difficult pain issues, delivered with compassionate attention." 

– Peter C., Moscow, ID

“Dr. McAnally and his entire staff are so caring and compassionate.  Thank you so much Dr. McAnally for taking the time to really listen to my concerns to come up with the best treatment options for me.”

Jackie D., Chugiak

 “From the 1st time to the last visit I had @ NAPM I was treated with the most professional and expert care that anyone could expect.  My medical problem was resolved thanks to Dr. McAnally and his Team – Good Job!” 

Tom N. Soldotna

“I highly recommend Dr. McAnally. He is kind, his knowledge is extensive and he is very helpful. He was well prepared before my visit. The MRI and my medical history had already been reviewed in detail. Dr. McAnally spent quality time with my physical exam, listening to my medical history and then was able to give his professional advice. He gave me options and advice on medications, specific books regarding health/exercises, natural methods for my health and explained medical procedures that may help in the future. I have a complicated medical condition so I was grateful for the variety of options and they were gently introduced to me. He continues to respond promptly to my medical needs. My experience has been nothing but positive!” 

- Katy C., Anchorage

"Dr. McAnally and his staff are professional, friendly and caring, and offer a refreshing, educational approach to the very personal subject of pain medicine.  Thank you!” 

- Deb A., Anchorage

“I wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of you for your kindness, your patience and your caring as each of you has interacted with me in one form or another.  As we go down this road to better health and less pain together I am comforted and helped by all you do and the way you do it.  I appreciate all of you and thank God for leading me to N.A. and P.M.”  

- Gail G., St. Louis

"I was seeking pain relief for my back and was referred to dr. McAnally. I received the best possible medical care by a very caring individual. Dr. McAnally required the newest test results and explained the procedure to me both before and during my injection. Dr. McAnally placed a personal phone call to check on my results after my procedure and provided me with continued care. He is the very best and most caring doctor and I'm so glad I am under his care."  Donna D., Anchorage

Donna D., Anchorage

“I just loved my care there...  The whole office has a special feeling and you all are very ‘user friendly’.  My experience there has been awesome.  I called my friend [in Idaho] who also needs an ablation and told her it is well worth the cost of the trip to come and see Dr. McAnally.  I highly recommend NAPM - there IS a difference.” 

Susan H., Horseshoe Bend, ID